Plant DNA and RNA Extraction

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Plant DNA and RNA extraction poses a major challenge for many agricultural researchers. While some plant species, such as the model organism Arabidopsis thaliana, have leaves that are relatively easy to extract DNA or RNA from, many other agriculturally important crops, vegetables, fruits and flowers are notoriously difficult to work with.

Serving the agricultural community for over 12 years, we are specialized in providing innovative kits for difficult-to-obtain plant DNA and RNA extraction samples. Our R&D scientists have developed kit-based methodologies that are validated for over 50 common crops and horticultural plants. Our Service lab is equipped with automated sample disruption instrument, SPEX Geno/Grinder, for simultaneous homogenization of hundreds of samples in minutes. Our in-house liquid handler robots are programmed to carry out various extraction protocols with virtually no manual processing involved.

Expected Yield

Due to the vast variation between different plants and tissues, it is not feasible to assign an expected yield across the board. But just to give a general idea, using a recent service project as an example, our average DNA yield from dime-sized frozen grape leaf punches is 6.2g, and the average RNA yield is 23.8g. In another example, our high throughput canola seeds DNA extraction from 20 mg (roughly 4 seeds) produces an average 12.3g of DNA, double the yield of that using a kit from competitors. Accordingly, in the downstream qPCR test, our canola DNA has about 1 Ct earlier than competing products, and shows no evidence of the presence of PCR inhibitors.

The Omega Advantage:

  • Vast knowledge of plant samples; high success rate, even for difficult samples
  • No PCR inhibitors, no coloration
  • Validated for qPCR, microarray and next generation sequencing
  • Flexible: fresh, frozen, lyophilized, seeds
  • Capable of high throughput extraction utilizing our geno/grinder sample homogenization and liquid handler robots

Turnaround time:

  • Same day service available
  • Large sample number and/or starting quantity projects, please inquire

Additional Services:

  • Genotyping analysis (DNA)
  • Next generation sequencing (DNA/RNA)
  • Agilent Bioanalyzer analysis (RNA)
  • qPCR gene expression analysis (RNA)
  • Sample concentration normalization from tube-to-tube or tube-to-plate (DNA/RNA)
  • Consultation for downstream analyses and study design

For more information on any of our plant DNA and RNA extraction services, give Omega Bioservices a call today to discuss options.