Bioinformatics Services

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NGS has revolutionized the biological sciences, allowing labs to perform a wide variety of applications and study biological systems at a level never before possible. Today’s complex genomics questions demand a depth of information beyond the capacity of traditional DNA sequencing technologies[1]. A sequencing data analysis project requires careful designing, methodology, and concise reporting. Omega Bioservices is an expert company offering comprehensive bioinformatics solutions in all aspects of NGS sequencing services. We use the cutting-edge bioinformatics tools and provide you with high-quality and ready-for-publication figures.

Our bioinformatic scientists are PhD-level trained in computer science, statistics, bioinformatics, genetics, etc. with extensive academic and industry experiences. We can help from study design, Tier I, ii, iii data analysis, data interpretation and customized analysis etc.


[1] Introduction to NGS – Learn how the technology works and what it can do for you


  • Data cleaning
  • Genomic Data Analysis – WGS/WES/SNP/INDEL/CNV/SV/Whole genome de novo Assembly
  • Transcriptomic Data Analysis – DE/Pathway/ Transcriptome de novo Assembly
  • Epigenomics Data Analysis
  • Metagenomics – 16S/18S/WGS/ITS
  • Small RNA Data Analysis
  • 10X single cell Analysis
  • Customized design – Workflow build, figures, Tier I, ii, iii data analysis, data interpretation