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Omega Bioservices is a divison of Omega Bio-tek, Inc. Utilizing Omega Bio-tek’s years of DNA and RNA research and manufacturing, we can offer a broad range of expertise and tools to solve your genomic services needs.

With Omega Bio-tek’s diverse product line or DNA and RNA purification systems, we can handle a wide range of sample types from human, animal, plant, microbial, food, and environmental and forensic samples. Our Mag-Bind® (proprietary magnetic bead extraction technology) and E.Z.N.A.® (filter column-based systems) chemistries enable us to extract DNA and RNA from many samples ources efficiently by reducing processing time while delivering consistently high-quality results.

Our facility has the capacity to offer high throughput genomic services. We have various automation robotics in-house from the Hamilton STAR, Beckman FX, Tecan Genesis, Thermo KingFisher Flex, to our own platform, the Magnitude XL.

Our team of scientists are highly trained with extensive experience in academic, industrial, and clinical laboratories. All services are carried out following GLP and CLIA guidelines.
All samples are barcoded and tracked throughout the entire chain on custody using out Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Automated robotic platforms are essential in maintaining sample integrity while providing the highest quality service.