Whole Genome Sequencing Quote

Whole Genome Sequencing Quote

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NOTE: If your samples are already been extracted for DNA, we charge a $2/sample quality testing fee. If your samples require DNA extraction, quality testing is included in the price.

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  • If you have different sample types in your project, you should enter them as separate projects.
  • Sample extraction costs include DNA quantification via PicoGreen┬« at no extra charge.

Note: We quality test the DNA for each sample that is wither submitted to us or extracted by us via PicoGreen® to ensure there is a sufficient amount and quality for sequencing. You will be notified prior to sequencing if there is any issues with any of the samples. At that point, you will have the following options:,

  • Remove the sample from the project
  • Replace the sample
  • Continue with sequencing the sample at risk

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*NOTE: Price quote depends on project details.
What does paired-end 150 mean?

How to calculate genome coverage and the number of reads needed:

Multiply the size of the genome by the fold coverage you are trying to achieve. This will be the total amount of data you want generated per sample.
For example: 12.5 Mb genome x 100 fold coverage = 1.25 Gb

Then divide the total Gb by the read length (note paired-end 2x150 = 300 bases per read).
1.25 Gb/300 bases = 4.17 million PE 150 reads

*NOTE: Describe your bioinformatics objectives in the box; quote will be provided based on scope of work.

Based on the results, we have the capability to work with customers to have specific data graphs or charts prepared for publications or presentations.

I need technical consultation.

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This price quote is only an estimate. The price of your project may change after we have obtained all details. If you choose to submit your request online, we will follow up with you as soon as possible, usually within 1 business day. This quote will not become effective until after you have been contacted by one of our representatives.