Fragment Analysis

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Fragment analysis targets genomic markers displaying the variable length polymorphism. Such markers, called Variable Number Tandem Repeat (VNTR), Short Tandem Repeat (STR), or microsatellite (MS), are locations in a genome where a short nucleotide sequence is organized as a tandem repeat. They can be found on many chromosomes, and often show variations in length between individuals. Each variant acts as an inherited allele, allowing them to be used for personal or parental identification. Their analysis is useful in genetics and biology research, forensics, and DNA fingerprinting.

Besides repeat markers, very often clinically relevant insertions/deletions, if inheritable, can also be analyzed by fragment analysis.

We perform standard kit based assays, such as the ABI Identifiler®, which is widely used for forensic studies and services. We also have extensive R&D experience for any custom projects involving custom florescent primer design, PCR optimizationi and multiplexing, capillary electrophoresis on our ABI 3100/3130/3730 Genetic Analyzers, and data analysis.

The Omega Advantage:

  • Flexible: Highly customizable
  • Seamless integration option: From DNA extraction to genotype report to biobanking
  • Automated robotic platforms for all pre- and post-PCR workflows
  • Total confidence in sample and data management
  • Capillary sequencing validation and confirmation available


DNA Sample 1-1,000 1,001+
Assay setup fee $88 Inquire
SNP analysis $3.60 Inquire

Turnaround times:

  • Same day service available
  • Standard 3-day (post-assay optimization)
  • Large scale projects, please inquire

Additional Services:

  • Capillary sequencing validation and confirmation
  • Consultation for downstream analyses and study design