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Simply follow our 5 step process to receive a no obligation quote:

  • Step 1. Select sample type submission and DNA extraction, if needed
  • Step 2. Select 16S rRNA gene primer sets
  • Step 3. Select sample sequencing depth
  • Step 4. Select bioinformatics analysis, if needed
  • Step 5. Press submit
16S/ITS Quote request

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NOTE: If your samples are already been extracted for DNA, we charge a $2/sample quality testing fee.

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  • If you have different sample types in your project, you should enter them as separate projects.
  • Sample extraction costs include DNA quantification via PicoGreen® at no extra charge.

Note: We will quantify the DNA for each sample that is either submitted to us or extracted by us via PicoGreen® to ensure there is a sufficient amount for sequencing. You will be notified prior to sequencing if there are any issues with any of the samples. At that point, you will have the following options:

  • Remove the sample from the project
  • Replace the sample
  • Continue with sequencing the sample at risk

Your 16S/ITS project:

To view target 16S regions, click here.

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To see an example Illumina BaseSpace 16S analysis report, click here.

To see an example Omega Bioservices 16S analysis report, click here.

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